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Coolest Beds and Bed Designs

When it comes to bed, you can say that these beds aren’t your average run-of-the-mill beds. These are some darn ‘unique’ beds. A lot of these beds are prototypes and aren’t able to be purchased…however, I made sure to put a bunch in there that are buy-able. Take a look and have some ooh and aah moments.

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What Costumes to Buy for the Girlfriend of a Geek

Are you the lucky winner of a geek as a boyfriend? If you’ve been together for a long while, you most likely know the things that make him tick. If you are newer to the intricacies of the deeply twisted desires of the geek mind then you might need some help deciding on the perfect Halloween to drive him wild. Of course every person, geek or not, is an individual who may have some differences in taste – most however share some similar building blocks.

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Creepy and Scary Gifts for Halloween and for Occult Lovers Part 1

Halloween is coming up so I thought that I would put together a few gifts that you can buy for yourself or for others that really get in to celebrating Halloween. These gifts are also great for that “creepy” friend or relative that you havewho is obsessed with the supernatural.

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Gifts for Baby Geeks or Babies of Geeks and Nerds

Do you know a baby geek but don’t know exactly what to buy for him or her? Lets face it, this baby is a miracle. Who thought that his geek Mom and geek Dad would ever get off the computer long enough to make a baby? So why not celebrate this little miracle of life by buying him or her a geeky present that he or she can relate to. I have put together a collection of some cool present for the baby nerds in your life. Have fun.

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Unique Ice Cube Trays and Ice Cube Molds

There are so many more options now for making ice cubes…you don’t have to just make square / cube ice cubes any more. You can make ice in many different fun shapes, themes, and sizes. What is cool, many of these unique ice cube trays are not just for creating a variety of ice cube shapes. These ice cube trays also usually double as a chocolate or butter molds or even a great way of making fun popsicles for your kids. If you are looking for unique gifts for friends or family members who are hard to shop for, these ice cube trays / molds will be a fun option for you.

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Funny T-Shirts to Buy For People Who Are Addicted to or Love Facebook

I have to admit that sometimes I seem to be a little bit addicted to Facebook, but I’m not quite at the ‘Crazy Facebook Zealot’ stage that some of my friends are currently suffering from. Do you know any one who is addicted to Facebook? The next time, there is a birthday or holiday that you need to buy a gift for them, some of the following funny t-shirts might be a great gift for your friend.

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Unique Coolest Pillows and Cushions to Buy for Strange Friends

For my entire life I thought that pillows were created to cushion our heads while we slept. However, I was mistaken because I have found another use for pillows. Pillows can be used to freak people out, as a conversation starter, or to simply accent a piece of furniture. I have collected some of the strangest pillows from our the Internet, and possibly you will find a pillow that matches a friend or relative’s personality or interests. I am going to be honest with you, some of the following pillows are really weird and some of them are just plain cool.

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What to Buy for Kids Who Don’t Like to Eat to Make Eating Fun

Does your child hate to eat the food that you put on his / her plate? Is every day a battle with your daughter or son to try to get through a meal without a temper tantrum? Well maybe it is time to buy your child some gifts that will make their mealtimes more fun and your mealtimes less aggravating.

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Coolest Kitchen Tools & Gadgets to Buy as Gifts for People Who Love to Cook or Bake

Are you looking for an unusual or unique gift for a friend or loved on who loves to cook, bake, or to hang out in the kitchen? I have done a lot of research to look for the coolest kitchen gadgets, tools, supplies, and contraptions. All of my hard work has paid off, because I succeeded in finding a ton of great gifts for you to consider to buy for your friends or loved ones who love to cook or hang out in the kitchen.

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Funny T-Shirts to Buy for People Who Hate Other People : Gifts for Anti-Socials

There is nothing like a t-shirt that says it all, and all of these t-shirts get the job done. All of these tees pretty much say, ‘Get the Fuck Away From Me’. If you buy one of these antisocial t-shirts for your relative (because lets face it, you probably didn’t choose to know this person), it might be the first time that you actually see them smile.

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